Job Seeker Handbook

Malaysian Labour Law : Regulation of Employment


9.12 Processing a Claim

  • Incomplete application form results in late withdrawals payment.
  • If you fulfill the necessary requirements and the application forms and supporting documents are complete, SOCSO will undertake to :
    • pay temporary disablement benefit (first payment) to injured employees within a month.
    • pay permanent disablement benefit (first payment) and constant attendance allowance to all injured employees within 3 months.
    • pay dependant's benefit (first payment) to dependants within 3 months.
    • pay invalidity pension (first payment) or invalidity grant or constant attendance allowance to employees who qualify within a period of 3 months.
    • pay survivor's pension (first payment) to dependants within a period of 3 months.
    • pay funeral benefits to eligible dependants of deceased persons within 15 days.
  • State offices of the SOCSO are now empowered to process and settle compensation claims of less than RM20,000.
  • General compensation claims can be settled within 3 days, except for the specific ones which requires longer time to be finalized.

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Table of Contents

  1. Regulation of Employment (HTML)
    1. Hiring
    2. Firing
    3. Workmen's Compensation
    4. Sexual Harrassment
    5. Occupational Safety and Health Act
    6. Dispute
    7. Pension
    8. EPF
    9. SOCSO
  2. Statutory Holiday (PDF)
  3. Salary Act (PDF)