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Malaysian Labour Law : Regulation of Employment


9.7 The Rate of SOCSO Contribution

  • The principal employer must make a monthly contribution for each eligible employee according to the rates specified under the Act.
  • The employer pays 1.75% for the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme and the Invalidity Pension Scheme while the employee's share of 0.5% of wages should be paid for coverage under the Invalidity Pension Scheme.
  • The rate of contribution is based on the monthly wage of the employee in accordance to 24 categories.

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Table of Contents

  1. Regulation of Employment (HTML)
    1. Hiring
    2. Firing
    3. Workmen's Compensation
    4. Sexual Harrassment
    5. Occupational Safety and Health Act
    6. Dispute
    7. Pension
    8. EPF
    9. SOCSO
  2. Statutory Holiday (PDF)
  3. Salary Act (PDF)