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Malaysian Labour Law : Regulation of Employment


3.2 The Law Governing The Workmen's Compensation in Malaysia

3.2.1 The Workmen's Compensation Act 1952.

  • This Act provides for the compensation payment to an injured employee or worker arising out of and in the course of employment or contracting occupational disease.
  • Where the employee or worker dies in the event of fatal accident or contracting an occupational disease or in the course and arising out of performing his duty or work, the Workmen's
  • Compensation Act 1952 provides for the compensation payment to the worker's dependants.
  • This Act is administered by the Department of Labour and applies throughout Malaysia.

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Table of Contents

  1. Regulation of Employment (HTML)
    1. Hiring
    2. Firing
    3. Workmen's Compensation
    4. Sexual Harrassment
    5. Occupational Safety and Health Act
    6. Dispute
    7. Pension
    8. EPF
    9. SOCSO
  2. Statutory Holiday (PDF)
  3. Salary Act (PDF)