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Malaysian Labour Law : Regulation of Employment


1.6 The Maternity Right of Female Employee

  • A female employee is entitled to maternity leave for a period of not less than the eligible period of 60 consecutive days and maternity allowance in respect of the eligible period.
  • Maternity leave period may commence anytime within 30 days before her confinement but should not be later than the day immediately following her confinement.
  • A female employee is qualified for maternity allowance if she fulfills certain conditions. She shall have less than 5 surviving children and has been employed for at least 90 days in the 4 months immediately before her confinement.
  • Where a female employee is employed on a monthly pay rate, maternity allowance is based on her monthly wages. Otherwise the maternity allowance is the ordinary rate of pay for one day or RM6 per day whichever is higher for 60 consecutive days.
  • Maternity allowance shall be paid in the same manner as if such allowance is wage and is payable not later than the 7th day after the last day of any wage period.
  • A female employee is not entitled to rest day and paid sick leave benefits during maternity leave.

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