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Malaysian Labour Law : Regulation of Employment


4.3 The Differences Between Verbal, Non-Verbal, Visual, Psychological And Physical Harassment

  • Verbal harassment is in oral form and includes uncomfortable and offensive teasing, joking, questioning, jesting or making suggestive remarks or sounds, or verbal repartee.
  • Non-verbal harassment a leer with indecent overtone, sexual activity or desire denoted by hand signal, lips licking or food eating and persistent flirting.
  • Visual harassment covering the wall with pin-up, calendars, drawings, photographs of naked and scantily clad women or other sex-based materials and writing sex-based letter. Sexual exposure also falls under this form of sexual harassment.
  • Psychological harassment harms a person's psychological well being and includes oppressively constant proposals for dates, repeated undesirable physical intimacy or social invitations.
  • Physical harassment includes distasteful action such as touching of an intimate body part, patting, pinching, stroking, brushing up against the body, hugging, kissing, fondling and sexual assault.
  • All forms of sexual harassment are behavior that elicit sexual attention.

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Table of Contents

  1. Regulation of Employment (HTML)
    1. Hiring
    2. Firing
    3. Workmen's Compensation
    4. Sexual Harrassment
    5. Occupational Safety and Health Act
    6. Dispute
    7. Pension
    8. EPF
    9. SOCSO
  2. Statutory Holiday (PDF)
  3. Salary Act (PDF)