Exclusive Interview

Interview with Maybank Group.

Kicking off our series of interview is none other than Maybank Group. Known as the largest financial services group in Malaysia, its extensive products and services include commercial banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, offshore banking, leasing and hire purchase, insurance, factoring, trustee services, asset management, stock broking, nominee services, venture capital and Internet banking.

It’s head of Shared Services & Recruitment Centre of Group Human Capital, Mrs. Masalina Bt Ujang has consented to share with JobsDB Malaysia the issues concerning the recruitment and human resources:

JobsDB: What is the current size of staff of Maybank Malaysia? How many of them are permanent, temporary or interns?
The Maybank Group (Malaysian Operations) currently employs approximately 22,450 staff, of which 22,037 are on permanent employment and 410 on temporary/contract term.

JobsDB: What are your methods for recruitment?
Currently we actively advertise our vacancies in the following medium:

  1. Newspapers
  2. On-line job portals e.g. JobStreet, JobsDB, Graduan, etc
  3. Recruitment agencies
  4. Participation in career fairs (local & overseas)
  5. Referrals from staff

JobsDB: Which method is the most effective now, as compared to previous ones?
Of the various advertising strategies above, we find that Maybank’s participation in career fairs have helped in promoting and showcasing the company and the various job opportunities within the Group for young and enthusiastic graduates.

Our collaboration with renown recruitment agencies, including on-line recruitment agencies have assisted our recruiters in reaching out to candidates especially those in the ‘experienced/mid-hire’ categories.

Maybank will be launching its own on-line recruitment portal known as mycareer to complement the current recruitment activities that are being carried out so far. This will assist potential candidates to search for suitable job vacancies within the Group and immediately forward their application which will be attended to by the team of recruiters in Human Capital.

JobsDB:  What is your take on the quality of candidates in term of qualifications?
Majority of candidates that forward their resume to Maybank are strong academically. However, we also place importance to involvement in extra-curricular activities where candidates are able to demonstrate their leadership and people management qualities.

JobsDB: How do you view their communication skills?
English is the main form of communication in the Bank and throughout the industry, so we expect candidates to be able to communicate (written and oral) well in the English language. Being resourceful and independent are plus points/qualities that we look for in candidates.

JobsDB: Do you expect the candidates to bring along or nurture other talents or skills?
At Maybank, we’re guided by our Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & efficiency and Relationship building (T.I.G.E.R.) As an integral part of our daily efforts, these values guide us in our pursuit for growth and excellence, as we strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships with all.

As such, we also look out for these qualities when assessing applicants for job vacancies in the Group, to ensure they are able to ‘live’ the core values and operate/behave according the Maybank culture.

JobsDB: What is your policy on employee/employer relationships?
All employees in Maybank are guided by our core values, and that includes the way we interact with our internal customers; be it our superior(s) or colleagues.

We practice ‘open-door’ communication policy and are transparent in our day-to-day operations, e.g. policies, directions, strategies, etc.

JobsDB: How do you manage employee related issues, ie punctuality, personal problems, or even inter-personnel problems?
All employees are given a copy of the company’s ‘Code of Ethics’ and also the ‘Terms & Conditions’ of service which acts as a guide during their employment here. We have internal processes in place to handle issues of non-compliance and all Managers are trained to handle staff issues, which in most instances will begin with a counseling session with the staff concerned.

JobsDB: What form of encouragement do you give your employees to motivate them in the workplace?
Here at Maybank Group, great emphasis is placed on the development of Human Capital. Vital information with regards to the direction and strategies of the Group is cascaded down to all employees via the internal portal and in-house news publication.

The President & CEO also conducts regular townhall sessions or breakfast meetings with groups of employees from all levels and regional locations to discuss on various issues ranging from group strategies right down to operational and human related matters.

JobsDB: Are there any programs or projects that encourage further participation from the employers that can nurture good relationship?
Maybankers also actively participate in charity work as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative with the launch of Maybank’s home adoption programme with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. This program introduces volunteerism among Maybank’s employees as part of a sustainable CSR initiative to support communities with special needs.

Focused on the theme ‘Cahaya Kasih’, the home adoption programme covers seven homes with wide ranging needs in terms of community support namely orphans, abused children, children with special needs, juvenile delinquents and the physically challenged.

Maybank employees will engage with these homes through activities planned to assist in social care, education, skills building and improving the quality of life for residents of the homes.
 This novel CSR programme engages employees with the community and goes beyond corporate philanthropy. Maybank employees participating in the programme will undertake developing activities in the homes to help build learning skills and develop social character among residents to enable them to interact with the larger community