The Lazy Co-Worker

by Molly Luffy

The Lazy Co-Worker

Do you work with someone who seems to get away with murder? Does it seem like they hardly do any work at all, while you are killing yourself to keep up with your workload?

You are not alone, my friends. The problem is common and currently being experienced by fellow Wiz-dom reader Lois. Lois wrote “It's driving me crazy. It seems so unfair. I'm working so hard and I have to watch Sandy sit there all day doing practically nothing. How can I get my boss to see what is really going on?”

Oh, Lois. I feel for you. I too have worked with others who never seemed to do their share of the work. It bothered me so much that it started to have a negative effect on my attitude. I wondered why I was working so hard if others weren't.

I just couldn't understand why my boss was letting one particularly lazy co-worker get away with so much. Not only was she glaringly unproductive, but she spent her time doing personal things that were really blatant like talking on the phone - a lot - and paying bills. It was insane.

Here I was giving my all - staying late, working weekends, and here was this loser down the way who didn’t do anything during regular work hours, let alone during other times.

I was ready to lose it. I was young and outspoken, and out for justice. It wasn't fair! Not to me or to the other co-workers who were working as hard as I was. Why was she able to get away with this? Was my boss aware of this incredible injustice? Why wasn't she fired? I wanted answers and I wanted results!

Back in those days I didn't quite understand how things worked in the corporate world. I was fresh out of college and thought I had it all figured out. It seemed pretty simple to me. You‚re an unproductive worker, you get fired. You’re a productive worker, you get rewarded. I thought it was so simple.

So anyway I was steaming mad. I had had enough and I was ready to get to the bottom of things. But before I confronted my boss, I did something really smart. I called my mentor.

The Lazy Colleague